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We have combined our expertise and past client inquiries in a Q and A to help answer questions you may have about buying your dream dress online! We hope the information helps you feel confident and excited about your special one of a kind purchase for your wedding day. If you have any additional questions, please contact directly, and we will be more than happy to assist with more personal requests.


We recommend brides place their order at least 3 months before their special day. Our expert seamstresses create your unique gown in about 4-6 weeks, and then it takes about 5-9 business days to ship and receive your dress. We want you to have extra time if alterations are needed. If you are not within the 3-month timeframe and need rush delivery, please contact us ASAP, and we will be happy to check if it is possible.


We have confidence in our work, so we offer refunds, for any reason, on both ready to wear and Made-to-Order gowns with a 20% restocking fee. Cancellations are only possible if you contact us early enough and production has not started on the gown. We will charge 10% of your total order for canceling.

Do you accept custom size orders?

SimplyYou offers two options: Ready to Wear Gown (Standard sizes XS-XXL) and Made to Order Gown. Made to order a gown is a perfect option for women whose body measurements fall across various sizes. For example, a bride may measure an XXL bust, M shoulder to floor, S waist, L hip, and an XL waist to floor. We will create your custom gown for you for a $150 extra charge.

I need help figuring out my size. Can you please explain it again?

You will need to measure each body part separately, as detailed in our sizing guide.Your measurement needs to be at the range or within the range described in the sizing guide table. For example, if your waist is exactly 72cm, please choose size M; However, if your waist is 72.5cm, please choose size L. If your size is less than XS or more than XXXL, please contact us at email at, and we will be happy to help.This applies to Ready-to-Wear, as well as to Made-to-Order dresses, to ensure that each part of the dress will be sewn and fit perfectly to your body.

Do I need my measurements taken by a professional?

Having a professional take your measurement is not a must, but we highly recommend having a partner to help you with your measurements to ensure accuracy. Please make sure you also have a measuring tape and a string and follow our detailed instructions on the “Sizing and Ordering” page.

Would it be possible to make any adjustments to your design?

We would be happy to make some adjustments on the dress you decide on, such as close/open the cleavage or back, add/remove sleeves, change the straps, change the skirt, etc. Please reach out to our stylists via email at if you have new ideas or special requests. We are always creating and open to new ideas!

Does Simply You offer in house alterations?

Simply You gowns are made in size ranges. Therefore, measurements can vary, and alterations might be needed. If alterations are required, we recommend consulting with a third-party seamstress, as we do not offer in house alterations. Our dresses are created with a stretch lace material, which can be easily altered without changing the gown's style or look. Unfortunately, we are not liable for any costs or damages from a third-party alteration.

How should I care for my gown?

The dress that you will receive is clean and has already been washed. If you wish to rewash it, we encourage hand washing only in order to protect the delicate materials. In addition, if you want to press the dress before you wear it to remove any wrinkles, please only use a Teflon steamer.

Will I get a tracking number to check my order status?

SimplyYou uses and trusts DHL Express to ship your beautiful, one-of-a-kind gown from our studio right to your door. We provide updates to the bride when we begin the shipping process, as well as a tracking number via DHL for individual updates. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us via email at

10. How much are the customs and import fees?

Since every country is different, we highly recommend checking with your individual country’s import/customs regulations to learn about any potential fees you are required to pay on your gown. We are not responsible for the cost of import duties or taxes that may apply.

Do I need to wear a bra?

All of our gowns come with removable pads, so brides can choose to wear their own bra. If you feel that the pads don’t provide enough support for your bust, we recommend buying a skin color bra and bring it to the seamstress. The seamstress will cut the straps off the bra, and in a few minutes, connect the bra to the dress. It is a very easy process, and the result is extremely convenient and will be seamlessly hidden. If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us.