SizinG & Ordering

Custom sewn dresses always fit better than standard ones. That’s why it’s so important not only to know your own size, but to take all the right measurements.

We strongly recommend you get your measurements with the help of a professional tailor for correct results to to avoid any mistakes. If a tailor is not available, please ask your relatives or friends to help you. Following the instructions they will easily get done with this task.

To take the measurements you will need a measure tape and an elastic band. Measurements must be taken in exactly the same underwear you’re going to wear with your future dress. That means not only a bra, but fitting underwear and tights as well. If you've chosen a dress with open back and you are not going to wear a bra with this dress consequently the measurements should be taken without bra.



Wear a bra (your dress will have a built-in pad), take the tape around your back and bring it across your nipple line. It should be the FULLEST PART of your breast. The tape should be straight and parallel to the floor.


You should measure the NARROWEST PART of your waist. Typically it’s a few centimeters above your belly button. Keep the tape horizontally and slightly loose to allow for breathing room.


You should measure around your hips in the FULLEST PART. It Is usually over the fullest part of buttocks, and sometimes located more in the thighs area.


Please measure from the top center of your SHOULDER TO YOUR WAIST (please see WAIST definition). Measure over the FULLEST PART of your chest while standing straight.


It is measured vertically across the side seam, from waist till the floor. We recommend you to take this measurement WITH THE SHOES you’re going to wear with this dress on.


  Bust Waist Hip Shoulder-to-Waist Waist-to-Floor
XS 74-78 60-64 92-96 36-37 99-103
S 79-83 65-68 97-101 38-39 104-108
M 84-88 69-72 102-106 38-39 109-113
L 89-93 73-77 107-111 40-41 114-118
XL 94-98 78-82 112-116 40-41 119-123
XXL 99-103 83-87 117-121 42-43 119-123
XXXL 104-108 88-92 122-126 42-43 119-123


  Bust Waist Hip Shoulder-to-Waist Waist-to-Floor
XS 29.1-30.7 23.6-25.2 36.2-37.7 14.1-14.5 38.9-40.5
S 31.1-32.6 25.6-26.7 38.1-39.7 14.9-15.3 40.9-42.5
M 33-34.6 27.1-28.3 40.1-41.7 14.9-15.3 42.9-44.4
L 35-36.6 28.7-30.3 42.1-43.7 15.7-16.1 44.8-46.4
XL 37-38.5 30.7-32.2 44-45.6 15.7-16.1 46.8-48.4
XXL 38.9-40.5 32.6-34.2 46-47.6 16.5-16.9 46.8-48.4
XXXL 40.9-42.5 34.6-36.2 48-49.6 16.5-16.9 46.8-48.4

If your separate measurements do not fit the standard size chart, we offer a measurement mix at no extra charge. On your dress page, select "Made To Order"  in the "Select Your Make" dropdown, and provide your sizes.

IMPORTANT: please choose a size that can include your body measurement. It needs to be identical to your measurement or slightly higher, but not lower. For example: if your waist is exactly 72cm, please choose size M; However, if your waist is 73cm, please choose size L.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide correct measurements. We would gladly support you with taking them correctly. Feel free to contact us if have any question. Please note that alterations and adjustments might be needed to ensure the best fit. We cannot be responsible for any associated cost, please budget accordingly and plan for some alterations with help of a local tailor.